Friday, June 18, 2010

Elisabeth Hasselbeck in Kate Spade

Elisabeth Hasselbeck wore this gorgeous green Kate Spade dress while co-hosting the May 29th episode of The View. This silk dress is perfect for more formal summer events, such as a wedding or a night out on the town with the girls!  [photo from]

Kate Spade "Aubrey" ruffle-neck dress, $375,


  1. Today on Sept. 22, on The View, Elizabeth Hasselbeck is wearing a cheetah jacket that is so cool, can you find out where she got it?

  2. Guess, I should've gone to ABC's website first (I googled Where did Elizabeth Hasselbeck get her cheetah jacket and your site came up which is why I came here) DOES have a link to their clothes, should've known, even though they have a lot of money, they probably get the clothes free in exchange for the credit.